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  1. What makes your program different than other T&D programs?
  2. What’s the difference between World Class Orlando! and The Disney Institute?
  3. Do you cover the same thing as Disney Institute?
  4. We’re coming to Orlando. Can you be part of our conference?
  5. We can’t afford bringing our team to Orlando. Can you come to us?

Sea World1. What makes your program different than other Training & Development programs?

Three reasons!

  1. Most are created by academic researchers who are outside the "real world" operation.  Our program is led by respected experts who have been there and done that…and continue to do so.
  2. They focus on theories and concepts.  We focus on proven strategies and tactics that drive operational results.
  3. They take place In a classroom, with lots of slides - talking about business.  We step out of the classroom so you experience the business firsthand.

2. What’s the difference between World Class Orlando! and The Disney Institute®? (^top)

Disney Institute programs are great! After all, we helped to design and make them famous around the world. The second-best compliments we receive come from attendees who have been to the Disney Institute. They enjoy those programs. But BEST compliment is when they tell us that they are blown away by how much better this experience is for applicable results to their workplace.

You should know that most all of our programs offer a major Disney component that we are able to address objectively, and not in some PR fashion. And we offer much more like Harley-Davidson®, Ritz Carlton®, and jetBlue®. We also don't focus on one narrow topic like customer service or leadership. You get ideas from how all these topics integrate...just like in real life.

Most importantly, while your facilitators are former leaders at Disney, we have spent time outside of Disney working in the trenches with organizations like yours. We know what works and what doesn't. We bring real-world experience, and we can help you make the connections back to your own workplace.

3. Do you cover the same thing as Disney Institute?(^top)

Our focus is on benchmarking with a variety of different organizations. Clearly, as former Disney leaders, we bring that perspective to our program - and we do provide you opportunities to enjoy the parks at Disney while you are there. But that’s where the comparisons stop. We offer our own brand of content and programming. Our models are unique and more comprehensive, and our benchmarks are much more varied then can be found at the "Mouse House". We reflect Disney, because they are a benchmark operation - but we are not limited to just Disney.  We provide more depth and breadth to understanding what makes all great businesses work - not just one.

4. We’re coming to Orlando. Can you be part of our conference?(^top)

Absolutely!  We offer dynamic keynote presentations or workshops. We will cater it to meet your needs. We can offer Smart Spouse programs for others who are attending. It doesn’t matter where you are staying, we’ll come to you - or we can help you with your plans from start to finish. We may even be able to provide tailored experiences centered on the theme of your program. Contact us today.  We’ll partner through the details with you.

5. We can’t afford bringing our team to Orlando. Can you come to us?(^top)

Certainly!  We do it all the time--with no strings attached! In other words, you don’t have to come to Orlando first to experience our open-enrollment programming. Unlike the competition, we’re not obligated to filling "heads in beds" or other "upselling quotas". 

Of course, it’s impossible to move a state-of-the-art training facility like jetBlue or a theme park to your city, but we can move our great programs with best-in-business ideas to the location of your choice - complete with insightful photos and video to bring the benchmarks to you.  We offer keynote presentations, workshops, or we can even create custom programs that build on the initiatives you are working to implement.  Better yet, we can train your own staff to deliver your programs.  In addition to our extensive operational expertise, we have advanced degrees in Organizational and Instructional Design. We can help you create real solutions that can transform your business success!