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Mark training World Class Benchmarking offers you the best learning and development solutions available. We are proud to offer the following:

Choose From A Wide Variety of Topics. Our content provides comprehensive coverage of every significant topic that creates world-class success:  From customer service to leadership; from developing critical thinking skills to managing for performance accountability; from motivational keynotes to team-building activities, we provide proven solutions that take your operation to the next level.

Customize Your Own Unique Program. We can integrate existing content and processes from your organization with the content and activities our programs provide for a completely customized experience. Our instructional designers can even work with your subject matter experts to develop a program or workshop that’s uniquely yours.

Programming Your Way. We come to your business or your retreat of choice.  Unlike some providers, you don’t have to come to a required destination or pay for space in certain resorts in order to get the programming you need.  We’ll even tailor it to the length that works for your event itinerary. In addition, World Class Benchmarking provides online learning, “training in a box”, multimedia, and other training & development formats for you to choose from or to combine with a classroom experience.

Co-Facilitation. Our facilitators have presented to hundreds of different Fortune 1000 organizations, so we’re more than happy to let you sit back and enjoy the program while we deliver it.  Another option is for us to work with your leaders and/or facilitators to present the program together. In addition, we can provide train-the-trainer support so that your own front line personnel can deliver the message themselves.

Learning & Fun – By Day and By Night. No longer do you have to wait all day long for the program to end so you can enjoy your evening. Through our combined services we can blend an activity so the fun and the learning can continue through your entire event. We create a wide range of learning experiences that are not only relevant, but are engaging and interactive! Whether it’s best-in-business field trips, media, activities, or casual moments to share insights with others, we always make your program much more than just a passive, stand-up lecture.

Women smilingContinuing Support. Because sustainable cultural change doesn’t happens overnight, we offer extended support in bridging the workshop or retreat back to your organization in a way that significantly improves results from everyone in your organization. Our expertise is as much in helping organizations to generate long-term results over time as we are about providing really great program experiences. We can help you in a variety of ways with pre or post-program support – from executive coaching to helping create tactical application teams.

In short, whether it’s classroom programming or online learning; whether it’s our off-the-shelf content or your own; whether we provide it ourselves or help your own people deliver it; World Class Benchmarking is the best solution for supporting your success!

Program Topics
The following represents a sample of programs designed and immediately available to your organization through World Class Benchmarking®.  Programs are offered as keynote presentations, workshops or multi-day programs.  You may choose to mix these topics together, or invite us to create customized programming in order to better meet your needs.  Call us, and we can help you select a topic and customize a solution for you!

Choose from any of the following:
Customer Service & Loyalty
Management & Leadership
Creativity & Innovation
Team Building Programs

Our Promise

We commit to partnering with you through all of the preparation and details required of a highly-customized, quality experience. You will receive professional training and development that accomplishes the following: 

strong>Relevant—We will design a program that meets your real-world needs. We will partner with you to create an experience that supports the objectives of your event.
  1. InteractiveWe build on the dynamics of your people. We focus on learning that motivates people to collaborate and interact with others.
  1. EngagingWe advocate memorable experiences that utilize all of the senses and invigorate both body and soul. We create programming experiences that leave a powerful impression on participants.
  1. PolishedOur design and project partnership seeks to exceed expectations. We are committed to being in the details of every program and event.
  1. Supported—We offer a turn-key approach that provides for the entire experience in a seamless, easy-to-handle manner.

Contact us today to discuss the possibilities.  World Class Benchmarking can provide the support you need to achieve your goals of operational excellence.